Cultural Legitimacy and Climate Change Policy Conference



The Surrey International Law Centre (SILC) invites you to a one-day international interdisciplinary seminar on cultural legitimacy and the international law and policy on climate change on 21 June 2011.

Climate change poses fundamental and varied challenges to all communities across the globe. The adaptation and mitigation strategies proposed by governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are likely to require radical and fundamental shifts in socio-political structures, technological and economic systems, organisational forms, and modes of regulation. The sheer volume of law and policy emanating from the international level makes it uncertain which type of regulatory or policy framework is likely to have a positive impact. The success or failure of proposed measures will depend on their acceptability within the local constituencies within which they are sought to be applied. Therefore there is an urgent need to better comprehend and theorise the role of cultural legitimacy in the choice and effectiveness of international legal and policy interventions aimed at tackling the impact of climate change.

The seminar will contribute to research on the international law and policy of climate change by focusing on the issue of cultural legitimacy. Beginning from the premise that legitimacy critiques of international climate change regulation have the capacity to positively influence policy trends and legal choices, the seminar will showcase innovative ideas from across the disciplines and investigate the link between the efficacy of international legal and policy mechanisms on climate change and cultural legitimacy or local acceptance

As said, the seminar intends to be interdisciplinar.  Some of the topics that may be of interest to Private International Law lawyers are: Dr M Burcu Silaydin Aydin “Land use planning as a tool of enhancing cultural legitimacy on climate change: The case study of Turkey”;  Ms Denise Margaret Matias “Electric public transport in Puerto Princesa City: local government cooperation with NGOs, Germanwatch e.V”; Dr Xiao Recio-Blanco “Community collaboration and the improvement of fisheries’ management and governance: the case of South Baja California”; or Dr Vincenzi de Agostinho “The dangers of the environmental advertising”.

See the programme  here.