Conference Announcement: Our Courts and the World


The Southwestern Journal of International Law will host a symposium on “Our Courts and the World: Transnational Litigation and Civil Procedure,” on February 3, 2012.  The program is here.

Here’s the overview:

Transnational litigation and procedure
is an important and timely topic – it is now taught as a first-year course in
several law schools, prominent law firms have established transnational
litigation practices and national courts have emerged to play a significant role
in responding to cross-border challenges. Several recent high-profile cases have
involved international elements, and just last term, the U.S. Supreme Court
decided its first personal jurisdiction case involving international elements in
over 25 years. From personal jurisdiction, forum non coveniens and conflicts of
laws to interjurisdictional preclusion and enforcement of foreign judgments, a
number of important procedural issues now commonly arise in transnational civil
litigation cases.