Commentaire romand LDIP/CL


Commentaire Romand. Loi sur le droit international privé. Convention de Lugano, is the first comment that involves both the analysis of the law on private international law and the new Lugano Convention. Thanks to  the emphasis on case law, the practitioner and the researcher will find a comprehensive data base on Swiss private international law.
The book covers a wide range of topics, such as family law and inheritance, property rights and securities, contract law, trusts and corporations and bankruptcy. It also includes an updated review of the law of international arbitration. All these matters are also discussed in the context of the Lugano Convention, insofar as it applies to them.

Edited by Andreas Bucher, professor emeritus of the Faculty of Law, University of Geneva. Authors: Andrea Bonomi, Andrea Braconi, Andreas Bucher, Philippe Ducor, Louis Gaillard, Florence  Guillaume and Pierre-Yves Tschanz.

ISBN 978-3-7190-2151-1