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2010 Yearbook of Private International Law


The  12th volume of the Yearbook of Private International Law (2010) will shortly be released.

It contains the following contributions:


Recent Developments in U.S. Conflicts of Laws

  • Patrick J. BORCHERS, The Emergence of Quasi Rules in U.S. Conflicts Law
  • Ronald A. BRAND, U.S. Implementation vel non of the 2005 Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements
  • Linda J. SILBERMAN, Morrison v. National Australia Bank: Implications for Global Securities Class Actions
  • Robert G. SPECTOR, A Guide to United States Case Law under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction
  • David P. STEWART, Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in the United States
  • Symeon C. SYMEONIDES, Codifying Choice of Law for Tort Conflicts: The Oregon Experience in Comparative Perspective

The Revision of the Brussels I Regulation

  • Andrew DICKINSON, Surveying the Proposed Brussels I bis Regulation: Solid Foundations but Renovation Needed
  • Adrian BRIGGS, What Should Be Done about Jurisdiction Agreements?
  • Alegría BORRÁS, Application of the Brussels I Regulation to External Situations – From Studies Carried Out by the European Group for Private International Law (EGPIL/GEDIP) to the Proposal for the Revision of the Regulation
  • Rafael ARENAS GARCÍA, Abolition of Exequatur: Problems and Solutions – Mutual Recognition, Mutual Trust and Recognition of Foreign Judgments: Too Many Words in the Sea
  • Sara SÁNCHEZ FERNÁNDEZ, Choice-of-Court Agreements: Breach and Damages Within the Brussels I Regime
  • Diana SANCHO VILLA, Jurisdiction over Jurisdiction and Choice of Court Agreements: Views on the Hague Convention of 2005 and Implications for the European Regime

News from the Hague

  • Hans VAN LOON, The Hague Conference on Private International Law: Work in Progress (2008-2010)

National Reports

  • Rodrigo RODRIGUEZ / Alexander R. MARKUS, The Implementation of the Revised Lugano Convention in Swiss Procedural Law
  • Mohamed S. ABDEL WAHAB, The Law Applicable to Technology Transfer Contracts and Egyptian Conflict of Laws: A Triumph of Nationalism over Internationalism?
  • Torstein FRANTZEN, Party Autonomy in Norwegian International Matrimonial Property Law and Succession Law
  • Tiong Min YEO, Common Law Innovations in Proving Foreign Law
  • Seyed N. EBRAHIMI, An Overview of the Private International Law of Iran: Theory and Practice
  • Adi CHEN, Conflict of Laws, Conflict of Mores and External Public Policy in Israel: Registration and Recognition of Foreign Divorce Decrees – A Modern Critique

Court Decisions

  • Michael BOGDAN, Website Accessibility as a Basis for Jurisdiction under Art. 15(1)(C) of the Brussels I Regulation – Case Note on the ECJ Judgments Pammer and Alpenhof 
  • Eva LEIN, Modern Art – The ECJ’s Latest Sketches of Art. 5 No. 1 lit. b Brussels I Regulation
  • Zeno CRESPI REGHIZZI, Reservation of Title in Insolvency Proceedings: Some Remarks in Light of the German Graphics
    Judgment of the ECJ
  • Gilles CUNIBERTI, Resisting American Class Actions at Home: Vivendi’s Crusade against U.S. Imperialism
  • Patricia OREJUDO PRIETO DE LOS MOZOS, Recognition in Spain of Parentage Created by Surrogate Motherhood


  • Carmen AZCÁRRAGA MONZONÍS, An Old Issue from a Current Perspective: American and European Private International Law

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