Second Issue of 2010’s Revue de l’Arbitrage


The second issue of 2010’s French Revue de l’arbitrage was released in July.

It contains three articles, one of which addresses an issue of private international law. It is authored by Mathias Audit, who is professor of law at the University Paris Ouest (formerly Paris 10) and discusses the influence of the recent INSERM judgment of one of French supreme courts on the regime of arbitration of disputes arising out of international administrative contracts (Le nouveau régime de l’arbitrage des contrats administratifs internationaux (à la suite de l’arrêt rendu par le Tribunal des conflits dans l’affaire INSERM)). The English abstract reads:

Pursuant to a judgment of 17 May 2010, the “Conflicts Court” (“Tribunal des conflits“) laid down the first foundations for the international arbitral regime to be applied to administrative contracts concluded by French public bodies with foreign contracting parties. The Court has in particular decided to entrust to administrative courts the review of awards issued under certain types of such contracts. Using this judgment as a starting point, this article aims to review more generally this new regime which now applies to arbitration of disputes arising under international administrative contracts.