Publication – Resolving International Conflicts


Peter Hay (Emory Univ. – Law), Lajos Vékás (ELTE – Law), Yehuda Elkana (Central European Univ.), & Nenad Dimitrijevic (Central European Univ. – Political Science) have published Resolving International Conflicts: Liber Amicorum Tibor Várady (Central European Univ. Press 2009). The contents:

  • John J. Barceló III, Expanded judicial review of awards after Hall Street and in comparative perspective
  • David J. Bederman, Tibor Várady’s advocacy before the international court of justice
  • Peter Behrens, From “real seat” to “legal seat”: Germany’s private international company law revolution
  • László Burián, The impact of community law on the determination of the personal law of companies
  • Richard M. Buxbaum, Public law, Ordre public and arbitration: a procedural scenario and a suggestion
  • Richard D. Freer, Forging American arbitration policy: judicial interpretation of the Federal Arbitration Act
  • Guy Haarscher, The decline of free thinking
  • Attila Harmathy, Questions of arbitration and the case law of the European court of justice
  • Peter Hay, Recognition of a recognition judgment within the European Union: “double exequatur” and the public policy barrier
  • László Kecskés, European Union legislation and private international law: a view from Hungary
  • János Kis, Constitutional democracy: outline of a defense
  • Ferenc Mádl, The European dream and its evolution in the architecture of the treaties of integration
  • Vladimir Pavi?, ‘Non-signatories’ and the long arm of arbitral jurisdiction
  • Hans-Eric Rasmussen-Bonne, The pendulum swings back: the cooperative approach of German courts to international service of process
  • Kurt Siehr, Internationale schiedsgerichtsbarkeit über kulturgut-streitigkeiten
  • Lajos Vékás, About the Rome II regulation: the European unification of the conflict rules to torts
  • Johan D. van der Vyver, The United States and the jurisprudence of international tribunals

I cannot find the book on the CEU Press website, but here’s a link to it on Amazon, where it is £30.35.