Journal of Private International Law Colloquium 2010 – Call for papers


The second biannual colloquium will be held on 1 October 2010, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and will be hosted by the SocioLegal Research Centre at Griffith University.

The colloquium takes the form of a roundtable discussion in which participants present and discuss their papers, which will be pre-circulated. Participants will be invited to submit their papers for publication to the Journal of Private International Law, subject to the Journal’s normal refereeing process.

There are a small number of places on the program which may be filled by the outcome of this call for papers, subject also to a reviewing process.

If you are interested in presenting a paper at the colloquium, please contact Professor Mary Keyes, before 1 June 2010.

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  1. DR. TAMFUH Y.N WILSON says:

    Good day. Is it possible for me to contribute a paper on this conference. I hold a PhD in International Law, University of Yaounde II. I will be grateful to know if I could attend the conference and present a paper.

  2. Dr. Tamfuh Y.N Wilson says:

    Dear Professor Mary KEYES, Good day. Its likely am late to apply to attend the October conference. Am writing because am impressed to see my name online in your website. Thanks for taking me so seriously. I think we should work together on other conferences where there is still time to do so. Could you inform me of other conferences and publishing opportunities? Thanks
    Dr. Tamfuh Wilson
    Senior Lecturer and expert in International Law, University of Buea

  3. Martin George says:

    Dr Wilson: If, by ‘name online in your website’, you mean this website, then that doesn’t mean much. You have simply left a comment on a post, as anyone can. If you wish to contact Prof Keyes, then you should email her (the address is in the post).

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