European Parliament Committee on Arbitration and Brussels I


On June 28th, the Committee on Legal Affairs of the European Parliament issued a report on the Implementation and Review of Regulation 44/2001.

On the exclusion of arbitration from the scope of the Regulation, the Committee expressed the following view:

Whereas the various national procedural devices developed to protect arbitral jurisdiction (anti-suit injunctions so long as they are in conformity with free movement of persons and fundamental rights,….) must continue to be available and the effect of such procedures … must be left to the law of those Member States as was the position prior to the judgment in West Tankers.

On the proposal to grant exclusive jurisdiction to the court of the seat of the arbitration, the report provides:

Exclusive jurisdiction could give rise to considerable perturbations It appears from the intense debate raised by the proposal to create an exclusive head of jurisdiction for court proceedings supporting arbitration in the civil courts of the Member States that the Member States have not reached a common position thereon and that it would be counterproductive, having regard to world competition in this area, to try to force their hand.

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