Design Tweaks


In an effort to speed up the blog, I have tweaked the design. Most notably, the ‘asides’ category in the second menu column has disappeared (all those posts can now be found in the main post area with all the others), as indeed has the second menu column itself. All other content from that column has moved into the first column, which you can see to your left. ((Yes, yes, I know it’s now on the right; the posts are our focus, and so it makes perfect sense for those to be the first thing you see when you arrive, hence the switch.)) The Journal of Private International Law logo has (temporarily) been removed; it’s a fairly big graphic, which slows down the website. On the basis that 1) you would rather see what you want to see quickly, and 2) have probably already subscribed to the Journal (if not, you should), it will not come back until I am sure that it will not impact upon performance.

So, please excuse my dust whist I am ‘optimising.’ As usual, by all means get in touch if you have any questions/issues.