Australian article round-up


At the beginning of a new year, readers may be interested in the following Australian articles, which were published throughout last year and escaped a post at the time:

  • Chief Justice Spigelman, ‘The Hague Choice of Court Convention and International Commercial Litigation’ (2009) 83(6) Australian Law Journal 386
  • Chief Justice Spigelman, ‘Cross-border insolvency: Co-operation or conflict?” (2009) 83 Australian Law Journal 44
  • Amrit MacIntyre, ‘Taxation of investments by foreign sovereigns’ (2009) 83 Australian Law Journal 752
  • Daril Gawith, ‘Cost-effective redress for disputed/failed low-value international consumer transactions: Current status and potential directions’ (2009) 37 Australian Business Law Review 83
  • Daniel Clarry, ‘Contemporary approaches to market definition: Taking account of international markets in Australian competition law’ (2009) 37 Australian Business Law Review 143