Round-Up of Canadian Conflicts Publications


Readers of this web site might find some of the following publications to be of interest.  I have tried to gather togther recent work by Canadian conflicts scholars.  Please post a comment if you are aware of another piece.

Vaughan Black & Angela Swan, “Concurrent Judicial Jurisdiction: A Race to the Court House or to Judgment?” (2008) 46 C.B.L.J. 292

Joost Blom, “Concurrent Judicial Jurisdiction and Forum Non Conveniens – What is to be Done?” (2009) 47 C.B.L.J. 166

Wayne Gray & Robert Wisner, “The Russians are Coming, But Can They Enforce their Foreign Arbitral Award?” (2009) 47 C.B.L.J. 244

Jacqueline King & Andrew Valentine, “The Structure of Jurisdictional Analysis” (2008) 34 Adv. Q. 416

Kenneth C. MacDonald, Cross-Border Litigation: Interjurisdictional Practice and Procedure (Aurora: Canada Law Book, 2009)

James Mangan, “The Need for Cross-Border Clarity: Recognizing American Class Action Judgments in Canada” (2009) 35 Adv. Q. 375

Tanya Monestier, “Lepine v. Canada Post: Ironing Out Wrinkles in the Interprovincial Enforcement of Class Judgments” (2008) 34 Adv. Q. 499

Austen Parrish, “Comity and Parallel Foreign Proceedings: A Reply to Black and Swan” (2009) 47 C.B.L.J. 209

Nicholas Pengelley, “Alberta Says Nyet! Limitation Act Declares Russian Arbitral Award DOA” (2009) 5 J.P.I.L. 105

Stephen Pitel, “Rome II and Choice of Law for Unjust Enrichment” in John Ahern & William Binchy, The Rome II Regulation on the Law Applicable to Non-Contractual Obligations (Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2009) 231

Stephen Pitel, “Choice of Law for Unjust Enrichment: Rome II and the Common Law” [2008] Nederlands Internationaal Privaatrecht 456

Antonin Pribetic, “Staking Claims Against Foreign Defendants in Canada: Choice of Law and Jurisdictional Issues Arising from the In Personam Exception to the Mocambique Rule for Foreign Immovables” (2009) 35 Adv. Q. 230

Prasanna Ranganathan, “Survivors of Torture, Victims of Law: Reforming State Immunity in Canada by Developing Exceptions for Terrorism and Torture” (2008) 71 Sask. L. Rev. 343

Geneviève Saumier, “Transborder Litigation and Private International Law: The View from Canada” in F. Cafaggi & H.-W. Micklitz, eds., New Frontiers of Consumer Protection: The Interplay between Private and Public Enforcement (Antwerp: Intersentia, 2009) 361

Janet Walker, “Recognizing Multijurisdictional Class Action Judgments Within Canada: Key Questions – Suggested Answers” (2008) 46 C.B.L.J. 450

Janet Walker, “Teck Cominco and the Wisdom of Deferring to the Court First Seised, All Things Being Equal” (2009) 47 C.B.L.J. 192