Publication. Punitive damages: Common Law and Civil Perspectives


On a previous post (see here) I gave notice of a Vienna Conference on Punitive Damages held in November 2008, organised by the Institute for European Tort Law and chaired by Sir Henry Brooke and Prof. Ken Oliphant. Following this event a book has just been published, entitled Punitive Damages: Common Law and Civil Law Perspectives. The study covers jurisdictions that openly endorse punitive damages -in particular, England, South Africa and the United States- as well as those jurisdictions which purport to deny their existence . The position in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, the Scandinavian countries as well as EU Law are thus considered. The study also includes a report on punitive damages from an insurance, law and economics and private international law perspective. A report on aggravated damages precedes a comparative report and conclusions.

More information on the publication and a link to the index of contents is to be found here.