Publication: Bariatti, “Casi e materiali di diritto internazionale privato comunitario”


cp_30787_lgThe Italian publishing house Giuffré has recently published the second edition of a very rich reference book on EC Private International Law, authored by Prof. Stefania Bariatti (University of Milan): “Casi e materiali di diritto internazionale privato comunitario“.

The volume (which is updated to October 2008, but includes later material, such as the ECJ judgment in Cartesio) is a valuable source of reference, providing a comprehensive and thorough coverage of the current state of EC legislation and case law in PIL matters, as well as of the ongoing initiatives in the field.

The complete table of contents is available on the publisher’s website. A brief presentation has been kindly provided by the author:

The volume is divided into chapters where all the EC private international law provisions may be found, whether the relevant legislative instrument is based on Article 65 EC or not.

After the general rules, including provisions concerning external competence (Chapter 1), fundamental principles, public policy and mandatory norms (Chapter 2) and EU and double nationality (Chapter 3), the relevant acts are divided into jurisdiction in civil and commercial matters (Chapter 4), insolvency proceedings (Chapter 5), law applicable to contractual (Chapter 6) and non contractual obligations (Chapter 7), rights in rem and IP rights (Chapter 8), company law (Chapter 9), social security (Chapter 10), privacy, personal status and family relationships (Chapter 11), judicial assistance (Chapter 12). All ECJ interpretative judgments on the 1968 Brussels Convention and on the regulations based upon Article 65 EC are reported, as well as the most important judgments that touch upon conflicts-of-laws issues in the other acts.

An introduction by the author describes the general framework and the development of the Community competence in the field of private international law and discusses the solutions already adopted for solving some topical problems.

Title: “Casi e materiali di diritto internazionale privato comunitario“, by Stefania Bariatti (in collaboration with Serena Crespi, Eva de Gotzen, Cristina Mariottini, Giuseppe Serrano’, Carola Ricci), Giuffrè (Milano), II edition, 2009, XXXIV – 1126 pages.

ISBN: 8814143366. Price: EUR 68,00. Available at Giuffrè.