French Publication: Special Issue of Gazette du Palais on International Litigation


Once a year, the French daily legal journal Gazette du Palais has an issue dedicated to european and international litigation (Contentieux judiciaire européen et international). It typically includes articles and case notes.

The last issue was released on November 28th, 2009.

In a first piece, Professor Marie-Laure Niboyet (Paris X Nanterre University) discusses the most recent deicisions of the French supreme court for private and criminal matters (Cour de cassation) on Article 14 of the French civil code (L’éphémère privilège de l’article 14 du Code civil).

In the second piece, Philippe Guez, who also lectures at Paris X Nanterre University, offers a substantial case commentary on case C523/07 on the Brussels IIbis Regulation.

The third piece is a substantial case comment (and the first published in France) on the Gambazzi case of the ECJ. It is authored by Marie Nioche and Laurence Sinopoli, who both lecture at Paris X Nanterre University.

Finally, I am the author of the fourth piece, which is a survey of the case law of the Cour de cassation regarding financial penalties backing injunctions (Quelques observations sur le régime de l’astreinte en droit international privé). The article discusses cases dealing with the power of French courts to issue extraterritorial injunctions backed with such penalties, the influence of sovereign immunity in this context, and the enforcement of foreign comparable penalties in France.

Articles of the Gazette can be downloaded here by suscribers to Lextenso.