Annual Conference of the American Association of Private International Law (ASADIP)


The American Association of Private International Law  (Asociación americana de derecho internacional privado ASADIP) will hold its third annual conference “International Business Law in a time of change” on 12 and 13 November in Venezuela, Isla de Margarita). A special tribute will be given to Tatiana Maekelt, who was one of the most outstanding conflicts scholars of Latin America.

Among the topics that will be addressed and which might interest members of this list are:

  • Bernard Audit ( Paris II Panthéon-Assas University) on “Problemas actuales del convenio arbitral: efecto negativo, extensión a otros contratos y a otros miembros del grupo societario”
  • Georges Bermann (ColumbiaUniversityl) on “Recent Trends in Parallel Litigation”
  • Herbert Kronke (Heidelberg University) on “Transnational Certainty and the Convention on Intermediated Securities –Reflections on Key Issues”
  • David P. Stewart (Georgetown University) on “Companies and Human Rights: Litigation in the United States Under the “Alien Tort Statute”
  • Juan M. Velázquez Gardeta (Basque Country University) on “Challenges of E-Commerce: North American Case Law and the Future of Latin America”
  • Didier Opertti Badán (Catholic University of Uruguay) on “The Situation of Private International Law in a Context of Globalization”

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