University of Milan: Prof. Pocar’s Lecture on the Conversion of the Rome Convention into an EC Regulation


On Tuesday 12 February 2008, at 16.30, the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Milan will host a lecture (in Italian) by Prof. Fausto Pocar (University of Milan, President of the ICTY) on “The Conversion of the Rome Convention on the Law Applicable to Contractual Obligations into a Community Regulation” (La trasformazione della Convenzione di Roma del 19 giugno 1980 sulla legge applicabile alle obbligazioni contrattuali in regolamento comunitario).

The lecture is the inaugural event of the Jean Monnet European Module “Internal Market and EC Private International Law”.

(Many thanks to Matteo Barra, Bocconi University, for the tip-off)

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  1. Giorgio Buono says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t know whether the lecture will be published (in any form) or not. You can try to send an email to the contact address that is provided in the .pdf document linked in the post.

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