Third Issue of 2008’s Journal du Droit International


ClunetThe third issue of French Journal du Droit International (also known as Clunet) was just released. It contains two articles dealing with conflict issues.

In the first, Pierre Berlioz, who lectures at Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne) University, seeks to define the notion of provision of services for the purpose of article 5-1 b) of the Brussels I Regulation (“La notion de fourniture de services au sens de l’ article 5-1 b) du Règlement Bruxelles I“). The English abstract reads as follows:

Article 5 N° 1 lit. b) of the Council Regulation (EC) N° 44/2001 of 22 December 2000 on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgements in civil and commercial matters does not define the term « provision of services », leaving the exact scope of this Article uncertain. In particular, it is not clear if the term includes : rental agreements, loans, franchising and concession agreements. It is then necessary to determine its meaning, according to the Regulation, since the simplification sought by Article 5 N° 1 lit. b) can be reached only if the characterization is made according to autonomous concepts. Therefore, this study intends to precise what is an obligation of provision of services, and under which circumstances a contract can be characterized as a such a provision.

The second article is authored by Hélène Peroz, who lectures at Caen University. It discusses the protection of vulnerable adults going abroad (“La cessation des mesures de protection du majeur pour éloignement géographique“). The (short) English abstract reads:

Under Act n° 2007-308, March 5th 2007, reforming the legal protection of adults, the judge can end protective measures bestowed to a vulnerable person if he or she decides to go abroad. This new provision on international private law raises many issues as regarding its implementation.

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