Italian Conference on the Rome I Reg.: “La nuova disciplina comunitaria della legge applicabile alle obbligazioni contrattuali”


A very interesting conference on the Rome I Regulation will be hosted by the University of Venice “Ca’ Foscari” on Friday 28 November 2008: “La nuova disciplina comunitaria della legge applicabile alle obbligazioni contrattuali” (The new EC regime on the law applicable to contractual obligations). The symposium is organised in the frame of a research project carried on by several Italian universities (Milan, LUISS-Guido Carli of Rome, Cagliari, Venice and Macerata) and cofinanced by the Italian Ministry of Research and University (MIUR). Here’s an excerpt of the programme (our translation; the sessions will be held in Italian, except otherwise specified):

Welcome and opening remarks: Pierfrancesco Ghetti (Rector, University “Ca’ Foscari” of Venice); Carmelita Camardi, (Director, Department of Law, University “Ca’ Foscari” of Venice); Mauro Pizzigati (President of the Bar Council of Triveneto).

Chair: Nerina Boschiero (University of Milan)

  • Paul Lagarde (University of Paris I – Sorbonne): Introduction. Considérations de méthode (in French);
  • Fabrizio Marrella (University “Ca’ Foscari” of Venice): Funzione ed oggetto dell’autonomia della volontà: il problema della mancata “delocalizzazione” (Function and Object of Party Autonomy: the Issue of “delocalization”);
  • Nerina Boschiero (University of Milan): I limiti al principio di autonomia derivanti dalle norme imperative, dall’ordine pubblico e dal diritto comunitario derivato (Limits to Party Autonomy: Mandatory Provisions, Public Policy and Secondary EC Law);
  • Ugo Villani (University LUISS-Guido Carli of Rome): La legge applicabile in mancanza di scelta dei contraenti (Applicable Law in the Absence of Choice);
  • Andrea Bonomi (University of Lausanne): Le norme di applicazione necessaria (Overriding Mandatory Provisions);
  • James Fawcett (University of Nottingham): UK Perspective on Rome I Regulation (in English).


– – – – – –

Chair: Laura Picchio Forlati (University of Padova)

  • Paolo Bertoli (University of Insubria): Ambito di applicazione e materie escluse: in particolare, la responsabilità precontrattuale (Scope of Application and Excluded Matters: in particular, Precontractual Liability);
  • Paola Piroddi (University of Cagliari): I contratti di assicurazione (Insurance Contracts);
  • Francesco Seatzu (University of Cagliari): I contratti conclusi con i consumatori e i contratti individuali di lavoro (Consumer Contracts and Individual Employment Contracts);
  • Gianluca Contaldi (University of Macerata): I contratti di trasporto (Contracts of Carriage);
  • Angelica Bonfanti (University of Milan): Le relazioni con le convenzioni internazionali in vigore (Relationships with Existing International Conventions).

– – – – – –

SHORTER REPORTS (16:10 – 16:50)

  • Francesca Villata (University of Milan): I contratti relativi a strumenti finanziari (Contracts on Financial Instruments);
  • Zeno Crespi Reghizzi (University of Milan): Le conseguenze della nullità del contratto (Consequences of Nullity of the Contract);
  • Nerina Boschiero (University of Milan): I contratti di proprietà intellettuale tra Roma I e Roma II (Contracts on Intellectual Property Rights between Rome I and Rome II Regulations).


Concluding remarks: Tullio Treves (University of Milan; Judge, ITLOS).

– – – – – –

Due to organisational issues, participation to the conference is restricted to a limited number of invited scholars. Anyway, the sessions will be recorded and made available afterwards on the website of the Italian Society of International Law (SIDI), so that interested parties unable to attend may follow the conference. In addition, the papers presented at the colloquium will be published both in English and Italian edition. Further information will be provided on our site as soon as available.

(Many thanks to Prof. Nerina Boschiero)