Canadian Conflicts Publications


During a recent round-up of Canadian publications dealing with the conflict of laws, I have found the following articles which some might find of interest:

 – Robert Flannigan, “The Use of Foreign Forms to Circumvent Local Liability Rules” (2007) 44 Alta. L.R. 803-14

– Lily Ng, “Covenant Marriage and the Conflict of Laws” (2007) 44 Alta. L.R. 815-36

– Jean-Gabriel Castel, “The Uncertainty Factor in Canadian Private International Law” (2007) 52 McGill L.J. 555-76

– Pamela D. Pengelley, “A Compelling Situation: Enforcing American Letters Rogatory in Ontario” (2006) 85 Can. Bar Rev. 345-72

– John P. Sullivan & Jonathan M. Woolley, “Oakwell Engineering Limited v. Enernorth Industries Inc.: Questions of Burden and Bias in the Enforcement of Foreign Judgments” (2006) 85 Can. Bar Rev. 605-32

– Craig Jones, “New Solitudes: Recent Decisions Call into Question the National Class Action” (2007) 45 Can. Bus. L.J. 111-22

Most are available on-line through various collections of legal scholarship, like Hein Online or Scholars Portal.