Conference: Second Forum on EU Immigration and Asylum Policy – The Hague Programme and the Way Forward


From the conference website: In 2004 the Hague Programme set the direction for the EU in the second phase of its development of a common policy on asylum, migration and borders. Two years later, in June 2006, with a comprehensive package of Communications, the European Commission took stock of the progress made and assessed the level of implementation of the Hague Programme at EU and national level. In presenting this package of measures, the Commission wished to stimulate and structure the discussion with the Member States and the other Institutions on new policy initiatives and on possible ways to improve the functioning of Freedom, Security and Justice policies.

This forum will look at the challenges presented by these measures in the field of Asylum and Immigration. It will discuss the perceived need for the EU to manage migration flows more effectively with special emphasis on the global approach to migration. The continuing attempts to set up a common asylum policy acceptable to all EU member states will also be discussed. Furthermore, the role and powers of the Frontex agency in combating illegal migration will be scrutinised with reference to specific problems concerning the management of operational cooperation at national level. Whilst looking mainly to the future, the seminar will also review from a legal perspective the achievements of EU immigration and asylum policy since Tampere in 1999. The present forum follows the pattern of the “First Forum on Asylum and Immigration: Challenges of the Hague Programme” in Rome on 25-26 November 2005, which was co-ordinated by ERA and the Italian Ministry of the Interior.

Target audience: Asylum and immigration lawyers and judges, ministry officials, academics, NGO’s.

This conference to be held in Milan, 9-10 November 2007, is organised by ERA in cooperation with Prof. Bruno Nascimbene, University of Milan. The conference programme can be downloaded from the conference website.

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