Anti-Suit Injunctions in the EU: A Necessary Mechanism in Resolving Jurisdictional Conflicts?


Nikiforos Sifakis has written an article in the latest issue (Vol. 13, Issue 2, 2007) of the Journal of International Maritime Law (current issue’s contents not yet on the website) entitled, “Anti-Suit Injunctions in the European Union: A Necessary Mechanism in Resolving Jurisdictional Conflicts?” (J.I.M.L. 2007, 13(2), 100-111). A small abstract is available:

Discusses the use of anti-suit injunctions in the EU. Considers the categories of cases in which anti-suit injunctions are granted in the UK, including exclusive court jurisdiction clauses, arbitration agreements and no choice of forum cases. Reviews the attitude of the European Court of Justice to anti-suit injunctions. Examines the reasons for antipathy towards anti-suit injunctions in Europe. Comments on the US system of anti-suit injunctions. Proposes a reform of Council Regulation 44/2001.

There is also a short casenote on the US Supreme Court decision in Sinochem Int’l Co., Ltd. v. Malaysia International Shipping Corp by Dennis L. Bryant (J.I.M.L. 2007, 13(2), 89-90) in the same issue.

The full article and casenote are only available to those with a subscription to the J.I.M.L.