The Application of the Statute Law of Singapore within its Private Internatinal Law


A note written By Adrian Briggs (Univeristy of Oxford) has been made available for download on the SSRN network: “A Note on the Application of the Statute Law of Singapore within Its Private International LawSingapore Journal of Legal Studies, pp. 189-203, 2005. The abstract reads:

The purpose of this Note is to raise a question on which the rules of private international law of the common law, including Singapore, are less satisfactory than they should be. It is written in the light of one part of a seminar conducted at the Singapore Academy of Law in April 2005, but the proximate cause of the investigation was an enquiry as to the application of certain aspects of Singapore’s statutory employment law in cases in which the factual and legal context contains points of contact to countries outside Singapore, or to laws other than the law of Singapore. It is presented in the form of a Note because its aim is to raise the issue as one for thought and further analysis, rather than pretending to give answers which are, in the writer’s opinion, fixed and final. In the current state of the law’s development it is not possible to claim any more for any individual analysis.

You can find the article, for free as usual, here.