State Immunity and Sovereign Debt Developments


There is a short note by Katherine Reece Thomas in Butterworths Journal of International Banking & Financial Law (B.J.I.B. & F.L. 2006, 21(10), 432-434) on "State immunity and sovereign debt developments". Here's the abstract:

Reviews case law on state immunity for sovereign debts, including: (1) Grovit v De Nederlandsche Bank on whether a state bank was immune from the jurisdiction of the court in a libel action; (2) AIG Capital Partners Inc v Kazakhstan on whether assets held by a third party bank in an account belonging to a central bank were immune from attachment; and (3) Svenska Petroleum Exploration AB v Lithuania (No.2) on whether the State Immunity Act 1978 s.3 permitted the registration or enforcement of a foreign arbitration award. Comments on public policy concerns.

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