German Publication: The Adoptive Child´s Right to Succeed in Private International Law


A new dissertation on private international law of family law has been published: Inke Dietz, Das Erbrecht des Adoptivkindes im Internationalen Privatrecht.

The publisher´s information reads as follows:

"Social developments have lead to an increasing significance of international adoptions in recent years. Starting from this finding, the thesis gives an overview of the developments of the German law on adoption including the adoption´s effects on the right to succeed (…) before examining German choice of law rules on adoption and the choice of law rules concerning the adoptive child´s right to succeed as well as the intertwining of the lex successionis on the one side and the applicable law on adoption on the other side. Further, the recognition of adoptions according to the Hague Convention on protection of children and co-operation in respect of intercountry adoption of 1993 is considered as well as the option to transform weak adoptions according to the Adoptionswirkungsgesetz (law on the effects of adoptions according to foreign law)."