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Martin George

Third Issue of 2011’s Journal of Private International Law

The latest issue of the Journal of Private International Law has just been published. The contents:

Arbitration and the Draft Revised Brussels I Regulation: Seeds of Home Country Control and of Harmonisation?

Luca G Radicati di Brozolo

Masri Settles

The extraordinarily long-running litigation in Masri v Consolidated Contractors is over – the parties have settled. Brick Court (which represented the ‘successful’ claimant) has a useful summary of the various judgments of the English courts in Masri over the last five years.

[Thanks to Tom Cleaver for the tip-off.]

Giesela Ruehl (Friedrich-Schiller University Jena and our new editor for Germany) has published her Habilitationsschrift on Statut und Effizienz: Ökonomische Grundlagen des Internationalen Privatrechts [Applicable Law and Efficiency. Economic Foundations of Private International Law]. Here’s an English description (the monograph itself is in German):

Clarkson & Hill, The Conflict of Laws (4th edn OUP, 2011)

Clarkson & HillThose who teach or study in private international law will be interested to know that Chris Clarkson and Jonathan Hill have published the 4th edition of their excellent student text on The Conflict of Laws. From the blurb:

  • Covers the basic principles of the conflict of laws in a succinct and approachable style making this an ideal introductory text

As part of the University of Sydney’s Summer School Programme, there will be a Commercial Conflict of Laws course at Magdelen College, Oxford on 11-12 and 14-15 July 2011. It will be taught by Andrew Bell and Andrew Dickinson. From the website:


  • Focus on commercial disputes with a transnational dimension.

This post is written by Adrian Briggs, Professor of Private International Law at the University of Oxford.

James Fawcett (Nottingham) and Paul Torremans (Nottingham) have published the second edition of their monograph on Intellectual Property and Private International Law (2011, OUP). The blurb:

  • Offers a comparative approach of private international law and intellectual property law and assesses how these disciplines impact on and co-operate with the other

The UK has written to the Hungarian Presidency and European Commission, confirming its intention to opt in to the revised Brussels I Regulation (see our focus group on the Green Paper and Report) and participate in the negotiations. The relevant Ministerial Statements were made in the Houses of Commons and Lords on 5th April 2011. You can also read the general debate that was had in the House of Commons by the European Committee. Unsurprising news, perhaps, but news all the same.

Gerry Maher (Edinburgh) and Barry Rodger (Strathclyde) have published Civil Jurisdiction in the Scottish Courts (W. Green, 2010). Here’s the blurb:

9781849460811Hart Publishing has recently published an edited collection entitled From House of Lords to Supreme Court: Judges, Jurists and the Process of Judging, edited by James Lee (University of Birmingham), celebrating the transition from the House of Lords to the new United Kingdom Supreme Court. The book includes an essay by Adrian Briggs, entitled ‘The Development of Principle by a Final Court of Appeal in Matters of Private International (Common) Law’. Briggs analyses “what the Supreme Court might properly have contributed to the development of principle in private international law, and why it is improbable that it will get much chance to do so”.