UK Government Opts In to the Revision of the Brussels I Regulation


The UK has written to the Hungarian Presidency and European Commission, confirming its intention to opt in to the revised Brussels I Regulation (see our focus group on the Green Paper and Report) and participate in the negotiations. The relevant Ministerial Statements were made in the Houses of Commons and Lords on 5th April 2011. You can also read the general debate that was had in the House of Commons by the European Committee. Unsurprising news, perhaps, but news all the same.

[Many thanks to Jean McMahon at the Ministry of Justice.]

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  1. C O'Hara says:

    It would seem from a quick internet search that Ireland has not opted-in to the negotiations, and so will not take part, or at least not as a voting member. Is this likely to have any impact on the strength of the British position, given that Ireland would presumably take a similar view?

  2. Michael Polonsky says:

    In the House of Commons debate by members of the House of Commons European Committee, Jonathan Djanogly said “The Lord Chancellor’s advisory committee on private international law, which is chaired by Lord Mance and contains many eminent experts in the field, also advised the UK to opt in, as has the House of Lords EU Select Committee.” Does anyone know where one can obtain copies of the advice of the Lord Chancellors’s advisory committee on private international law or of the House of Lords EU Select Committee?

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