In Memoriam: Professor Jan Kropholler


Professor Jan Kropholler, one of the most renowned German scholars in private international law, has passed away last week.

Only recently Professor Kropholler celebrated his 70th birthday. On this occasion, as we have reported, a Festschrift in his honour was published by Mohr Siebeck titled „Die richtige Ordnung“ (The Right Order) and presented to him last October at a ceremony at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg.

As the Max Planck Institute expresses in a statement on the occasion of his birthday last year, “[a]s Senior Research Fellow at the Hamburg Max Planck Institute, Kropholler set new standards for private international law and procedure in terms of content, methodology and pedagogy. His textbook on private international law is of particular renown and saw its 6th edition released in 2006. Among Kropholler’s works on international and European procedural law, his commentary on the Brussels I Regulation – published for the eighth time in 2005 – bears special witness to his scholarly achievements.”

A bibliography of Professor Kropholler’s published works, as well as further information on his academic career, can be found at the website of the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg.