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Canadian National Class Action Judgment Not Recognized in Quebec

The Supreme Court of Canada has confirmed the decision of the Quebec Court of Appeal in Canada Post Corp. v. Lepine (available here).  The decision flows from Canada Post’s termination, after only a year, of a lifetime internet service it sold to customers.  This led to class proceedings in Quebec and Ontario.  While aware of the proceedings in Quebec, the parties settled the class proceedings in Ontario in a judgment that purported to cover residents of Quebec.  When the Quebec proceedings continued (due to dissatifaction with what was obtained under the Ontario settlement) the defendant sought to have the Ontario judgment recognized in Quebec.

Recognition of foreign judgments in Quebec is governed by Art 3155 of the Civil Code, and so this case is very centrally concerned both with civil law (rather than common law) and with interpreting the specific provisions of the Code.  Art 3155 provides several bases for refusing to recognize a foreign judgment (see para. 22).