IM Skaugen SE v MAN Diesel & Turbo SE [2018] SGHC 123

In IM Skaugen SE v MAN Diesel & Turbo SE [2018] SGHC 123, the Singapore High Court had the occasion to discuss and resolve various meaty private international law issues. The facts concerned the alleged negligent or fraudulent misrepresentation by the defendants on the fuel consumption of a specific model of engine that was sold […]

Towards a European Commercial Court?

The prospect of Brexit has led a number of countries on the European continent to take measures designed to make their civil justice systems more attractive for international litigants: In Germany, the so-called “Justice Initiative Frankfurt”, consisting of lawyers, judges, politicians and academics, has resulted in the creation of a special chamber for commercial matters […]


Out now: Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Rechtswissenschaft vol. 121 (2022) no. 2

The most recent issue of the German Journal of Comparative Law (Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Rechtswissenschaft) has just been published. The editors mourn the loss of Professor Peter Mankowski (1966–2022), who served as an editor of the ZVglRWiss from 2009 to his untimely death. This issue contains an obituary written by his academic pupil, Professor Oliver […]

Conference Report: Private International Law Festival 2022 Edinburgh

Private International Law Festival 16 to 17 May 2022 Edinburgh, United Kingdom by Michael Cremer and Samuel Zeh* After two years of living through a global pandemic, the very first

Organization of American States (OAS): Registration is open for the XLVII Course on International Law (2022)

The Organization of American States (OAS) has issued a call for applications for the XLVII Course on International Law, which will take place from 1 to 12 August 2022 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro –  in Spanish and English (no interpretation services will be offered). As indicated in […]