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Austria and the HCCH Service Convention: the last EU Member State to join and an interesting declaration on service upon States

On 17 July 2020, the Depositary (i.e. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands) notified that Austria ratified the HCCH Service Convention, which will enter into force for Austria on 12 September 2020. With this ratification, the HCCH Service Convention continues to attest itself as an important instrument of judicial co-operation given that all […]

The Volkswagen (VW) emissions scandal – The saga continues: Now it’s the turn of the Netherlands, France and Belgium

Thanks to the entering into force of the Dutch Collective Redress of Mass Damages Act (Wet afwikkeling massaschade in collectieve actie, WAMCA) on 1 January 2020, there has been an increase in prospective litigation against Volkswagen in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe involving the Volkswagen emissions scandal (also known as Dieselgate). We have […]