RIDOC 2020 Programme Announced


RIDOC 2020: Rijeka Doctoral Conference is particularly international this year both, with regard to the attending doctoral candidates and in relation to the composition of the panels. Thirty-four selected doctoral candidates will be testing their research hypothesis and methodologies in six sessions each presided by a three-member panel.

No less than two sessions might be of particular interest to this Blog’s readers:

The keynote lecture will be delivered by Professor Carlo Rimini, affiliated with University of Milano and University of Pavia, a recognised family law researcher and attorney. He will be speaking about validity of the prenuptial agreements from the methodology perspective.

Full programme is available here, and additional information may be obtained at ridoc@pravri.hr.

The entire conference will be online at the Cisco Webex platform. Attendance is free on the first-to-apply bases, but registration is necessary via this link.