Out now: T.M.C. Asser: In Quest of Liberty, Justice, and Peace


Arthur Eyffinger, legal historian and former Head Librarian of the International Court of Justice, recently published T.M.C. Asser (18381913): In Quest of Liberty, Justice, and Peace (Brill 2019). As the name suggests, the two-volume biography retraces the life of Tobias Asser, who famously won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1911 for his contributions to the field of private international law, including the establishment of the Hague Conference on Private International Law, the initiative to found the Institut de Droit International, and his role in the subsequent creation of the Hague Academy of International Law.

A copy of the book was presented to the great-grandson of Tobias Asser, Professor Daan Asser, yesterday in the context of a mini-symposium co-hosted by the Royal Netherlands Society of International Law (KNVIR) and the Institut de Droit International, which is currently holding its 79th session in the Peace Palace in the Hague. The symposium featured contributions by Marta Pertegás Sender, Janne Nijman, Jean Salmon, Hans van Loon, and the author, Arthur Eyffinger, himself.