Call for papers: ‘The Insolvency Regulation Recast: What Has Improved under the New Regulatory Scheme?


On 25 June 2015, the Insolvency Regulation Recast entered into force, though it (mostly) became applicable as of 26 June 2017. The series Short Studies on Private International Law, published by Asser Press, will publish an issue focusing on the particular features of this Regulation. Therefore, it welcomes any paper concerning the private international law aspects of the Insolvency Regulation Recast. Topics that may be addressed are possibly, but not exclusively:

– forum shopping for the most favourable insolvency regime;
– characterisation and the Insolvency Regulation Recast;
– detrimental acts and the applicable law;
– consistency of the Insolvency Regulation Recast with insolvency regimes in relation to third states.

Please note that the issue will cover private international law aspects. The editors retain the right to reject publications that predominantly cover matters not related to private international law, such as substantive law.

Please send your abstract (in UK English) of about 350 words by 30 September 2018 to (subject: “Short Studies 2018 Insolvency”).

After a pre-selection, the applicants will finally receive their confirmation or rejection by 31 October 2018. When selected, papers should be submitted by 31 December 2018. A language review will not be part of the editorial process; this remains the responsibility of the applicants.