The European Private International Law of Employment (book)


“The European Private International Law of Employment” that has just been published by Cambridge University Press.


The European Private International Law of Employment provides a descriptive and normative account of the European rules of jurisdiction and choice of law which frame international employment litigation in the courts of EU Member States. The author outlines the relevant rules of the Brussels I Regulation Recast, the Rome Regulations, the Posted Workers Directive and the draft of the Posting of Workers Enforcement Directive, and assesses those rules in light of the objective of protection of employees. By using the UK as a case study, he highlights the impact of the ‘Europeanisation’ of private international law on traditional perceptions and rules in this field of law in individual Member States. The author shows how the goals and policies of the European Union, in particular the protection of employees, are fundamentally reshaping the regulation of transnational private relations. The book also provides for a separate examination of the choice-of-law treatment of claims based on breach of employment contract, statute and in tort, thus offering an accessible explanation of choice-of-law issues arising in connection with the three main types of employment claim. Finally, it presents new insights about the influence of EU private international law on the Member States’ domestic private international law regimes, and offers recommendations for improving the existing rules of jurisdiction and choice of law.


About the author:

Uglješa Gruši is an assistant professor at the School of Law of the University of Nottingham, where he teaches commercial conflict of laws, arbitration and the law of torts.