First Seminar on the Boundaries of European Private International Law


Boundaries of European Private International Law

Seminar n° 1 – Barcelona:

European PIL – National and International Law

27 / 28 March 2014

Coordination : Jean-Sylvestre BERGÉ (Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3), Stéphanie FRANCQ (Université catholique de Louvain) et Miguel GARDENES SANTIAGO (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

A demonstration of the existence of European private international law is no longer necessary. However, the question of the place of European private international law in a more globalised legal order, i.e. the difficult but crucial theme of reconciling European private international law to the legal frameworks that preceded it at national, international and European level, has been largely neglected to date.

The aim of this research program is to remedy this situation by holding discussions in different locations in Europe (Lyon – Barcelona – Louvain), bringing together European specialists in private international law or European law and doctoral or post-doctoral students.

For this first seminar in Barcelona (a second seminar will take place in Louvain-La-Neuve, 5/6 June 2014), two main themes will be tackled:

1. Reconciling European private international law with (substantial and procedural) national and international frameworks;

2. Reconciling European private international law with private international law applicable in relationships with countries outside the EU.

 Thursday, 27th March

15:00 to 15:30: inauguration of the seminar by the Dean of the Faculty.

Chair: Professor Blanca Vilà Costa

Opening session: 15:30-17:00

Pietro Franzina, Associate Professor of international law, University of Ferrara, The competence of the European Union regarding the Administration, including the Denunciation, of International Conventions concluded by Member States.

Albert Font i Segura, Profesor Titular of private international law at the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona), Some Basic Issues in the Future Application of the Regulation on Succession: Characterization, Territorial Conflict of Laws and Ordre Public.

Guillermo Palao Moreno, Catedrático of private international law, University of Valencia, Enforcement of Foreign Mediation Agreements within the EU.


First workshop: Reconciling European Private International Law with (Substantial and Procedural) National and International Frameworks

17:30 to 19:00: first session of the first workshop

Maria Asunción Cebrián Salvat, Doctoral candidate, University of Murcia, Agency and Distribution Contracts: National Rules v. European Private International Law.

Michaël Da Lozzo, Doctoral candidate, University of Toulouse 1 Capitole, European Private International Law to the Test of National Overriding Mandatory Rules.

Josep Suquet Capdevila, Doctor by the UAB, On-line Mediation in the Consumer Field: a Comparative Analysis of Catalan, Spanish and European Legal Instruments.


Friday, 28th March (venue: Sala de Vistas, Faculty of Law)

 9:30 to 11:30: second session of the first workshop

Nicolas Kyriakides, Doctoral candidate, Oxford University, European Account Preservation Order: what does the Common Law Tradition have to say?

Teresa Solis Santos: Doctoral Candidate, University of Extremadura, Cross Border Creditor’s Protection. The Future European Account Preservation Order.

Verona Tio, Doctoral candidate, University of Barcelona, Judicial Powers over Penalty Clauses and Proceedings followed before an English Court.

Celine Moille, Doctor, University of Lyon 3, Issues of Articulation between European Private International Law and National and International Systems relating to Sale of Goods.


Second workshop: Reconciling European Private International Law with Private International Law Applicable in Relationships with Countries outside the EU

12:00 to 13:30: first session of the second workshop.

Celine Camara, Doctoral candidate, Researcher at the Max-Planck Institute, Discrimination against Third State Nationals in Regulation 2201/2003 “Brussels II bis”.

Huang Zhang, Doctoral candidate at the UAB, The New Lis Pendens Regime in the Regulation Brussels I and the Challenge Met by Chinese Jurisdiction.

Eduardo Alvarez Armas, Doctor, Catholic University of Louvain, International Jurisdicion over Third-country Polluters: a Trojan horse to the EU’s Environmental Policy?

16:00 to 17:30: second session of the second workshop.

Jayne Holliday, Doctoral candidate, University of Aberdeen, Reconciling the EU Succession Regulation with the Private International Law of the UK.

Nicolo Nisi, Doctoral candidate, University of Bocconi, The European Insolvency Regulation and the External World.

Clara Isabel Cordero Alvarez, Doctor, Assistant Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, Contracts between EU Consumers and Third Country Businesses: the Evolution of EU Private International Law.


17:45 to 18:15: closing conference by Pedro Alberto De Miguel Asensio, Catedrático of private international law at the Complutense University of Madrid, The Amendment of the Brussels I Regulation (Recast) and the Unified Patent Court Agreement.

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