Sciences Po Seeks to Recruit Professor of Private International Law


The law school of the Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po) is seeking to recruit a professor of private international law.

Sciences Po Law School is advertising an open position for a professor of private international law (with public employee status). The expected starting date is September 1st, 2012.

Profile of Researcher and Teacher

Sciences Po Law School is looking for a professor of economic international law. The chosen candidate will be granted a teaching position at the Law School and within the University College of Sciences Po. He or she will conduct research with the faculty at the Law School, specifically in the field of international economic law, international arbitration, and international private law.

The chosen candidate must provide proof of research at an internationally recognized level at the forefront of these academic fields. The chosen candidate will be open to multidisciplinary research and will have to demonstrate an aptitude for collaborating with researchers outside of the field of law. The chosen candidate will also contribute to the creation of agreements with partners outside of Sciences Po.

The chosen candidate will have solid teaching experience and will have had demonstrated a capacity for innovation that matches the teaching model implemented by Sciences Po Law School.

Conditions for Recruitment

Because the position is a public employment position, all candidates must apply using the “Galaxie” portal through the French Ministry of Higher Education. All applications must be received within a month starting from the date of the position’s publication, which is expected to April 5, 2012

In addition to the required materials mentioned on the “Galaxie” portal, all applications must include:

– cover letter addressed to Professor Horatia Muir Watt, Head of the admissions committee
– comprehensive curriculum vitae that includes the list of all past research
– a short-form resume
– Three research samples that demonstrate the candidate’s aptitude for multidisciplinary legal research (maximum of 5 articles and/or books).

Candidates must send these documents to the address below:

Sciences Po – DRH Pôle académique
27 rue Saint Guillaume
75007 Paris

All applications will be carefully examined by an admissions committee as per the requirements laid out by the law 2007-1199 of August 10, 2007 concerning the public employment of teachers. An initial selection round will take place mid June. Those candidates whose applications are retained will be invited to an interview before the members of the admissions committee and the academic community of Sciences Po first weeks of July; the candidate will freely choose the subject of his presentation among his most recent research. He will then be interviewed by the admissions committee on his project both in research and teaching at Sciences Po.

Following the interviews, Sciences Po will make a final offer to the selected candidate.