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Australian readers, and others who happen to be here on 16 May 2011, may be interested in a seminar to be held at Sydney Law School (Camperdown Campus) on that day from 6-7.30pm.

The seminar is entitled “The Future of Private International Law in Australia”.  The speakers are:

  • The Honourable Justice Paul Le Gay Brereton AM RFD, Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and co-author of Nygh’s Conflict of Laws in Australia (8th ed);
  • Dr Andrew Bell SC, New South Wales Bar and co-author of Nygh’s Conflict of Laws in Australia;
  • Thomas John, head of the Private International Law Section of the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department; and
  • Professor Andrew Dickinson, Professor in Private International Law at Sydney Law School and one of the specialist editors of Dicey, Morris & Collins: The Conflict of Laws.

A brochure can be found here.