Canadian Conflict of Laws Articles


Here are some recent articles from Canadian publications:

Janet Walker, “Are National Class Actions Constitutional?  A Reply to Hogg and McKee” (2010) 48 Osgoode Hall LJ 95

Jeffrey Haylock, “The National Class as Extraterritorial Legislation” (2009) 32 Dal LJ 253

Gerald Robertson, “The Law of Domicile: Re Foote Estate” (2010) 48 Alta L Rev 189

Joost Blom, “The Challenge of Jurisdiction: Van Breda v. Village Resorts and Black v. Breeden” (2010) 49 Can Bus LJ 400

Vaughan Black, Joost Blom and Janet Walker, “Current Jurisdictional and Recognitional Issues in the Conflict of Laws” (2011) 50 Can Bus LJ 499

The debate about the scope of Canadian class actions continues, and important questions about the analysis of a real and substantial connection for taking jurisdiction over foreign defendants await some answers from the Supreme Court of Canada in the four cases currently on reserve.