Conference: Hague Conference on Private International Law


A Special Commission on the practical operation of the Hague Apostille, Service, Taking of Evidence and Access to Justice Conventions will be held in The Hague from 2-12 February 2009. The meeting is open ONLY to experts designated by the Members of the Hague Conference, invited non-Member States and International Organisations that have been granted observer status. A provisional programme for the Special Commission meeting is taking shape as follows: the first week (2-6 February) will be devoted to discussions on the Service, Evidence and Access to Justice Conventions, to be followed by a discussion of the draft Conclusions & Recommendations relating to these three Conventions (Saturday morning 7 February). The Apostille Convention will be the subject of discussions during the second week of the meeting (9 12 February), with the draft Conclusions & Recommendations relating thereto to be discussed on Thursday morning (12 February). A detailed agenda will be published in due course. On the conference website, there are links to documentation relating to the four Conventions.