Publication: International Family Law for the European Union


A very interesting compilation of contributions resulting from a research project on the elaboration of international family law rules within the European Union, funded by the European Commission and conducted by the universities of Antwerp, Barcelona, Louvain-la-Neuve, Lund, Milan, Toulouse and Utrecht has been published by Johan Meeusen, Marta Pertegás, Gert Straetmans and Frederik Swennen:

International Family Law for the European Union.

It contains the following articles:

  • Johan Meeusen/Marta Pertegás/Gert Straetmans/Frederik Swennen: General Report
  • Masha Antokolksaia: Objectives and Values of Substantive Family Law
  • Dieter Martiny: Objectives and Values of (Private) International Law in Family Law
  • Helen Stalford: EU Family Law: A Human Rights Perspective
  • Alegría Borrás: Institutional Framework: Adequate Instruments and the External Dimension
  • Marc Fallon: Constraints of Internal Market Law on Family Law
  • Gert Straetmans: Non-Economic Free Movement of European Union Citizens and Family Law Matters
  • Johan Meeusen: System Shopping in European Private International Law in Family Matters
  • Sylvaine Poillot Peruzzetto: The Exception of Public Policy in Family Law within the European Legal System
  • Michael Bogdan: The EC Treaty and the Use of Nationality and Habitual Residence as Connecting Factors in International Family Law
  • Marta Pertegás: Beyond Nationality and Habitual Residence: Other Connecting Factors in European Private International Law in Family Matters
  • Laura Tomasi, Carola Ricci and Stefania Bariatti: Characterisation in Family Matters for Purposes of European Private International Law
  • Frederik Swennen: Atypical Families in EU (Private International) Family Law
  • Cristina Gonzáles Beilfuss: Islamic Family Law in the European Union
  • Jean-Yves Carlier and Sylvie Saroléa: Migrations and Family Law

More information can be found on the publisher’s website where the book can also be ordered.

Highly recommended.