Magnus/Mankowski’s European Commentary on Brussels I Regulation


A new commentary on Brussels I Regulation has been recently published by Sellier – European Law Publishers, as the first volume of a new series “European Commentaries on Private International Law“. It is edited by Prof. Peter Mankowski and Prof. Ulrich Magnus (both Hamburg) and has been written by a team of scholars from all over Europe. As the editors write in the preface:

Legal writing on the Brussels system is thorough and virtually uncountable throughout Europe. Yet no-one has so far taken the effort of completing a truly pan-European commentary mirroring the pan-European nature of its fascinating object. The existing commentaries clearly each stem from certain national perspectives and more or less deliberately reflect certain national traditions. The co-operation across and bridging borders had not truly reached European jurisprudence in this regard. This is why the idea of this commentary was conceived. This commentary for the first time assembles a team of very prominent and renowned authors from total Europe.

Here’s an excerpt of the blurb from the publisher’s website:

This commentary is the first full scale article-by-article commentary in English ever to address the Brussels I Regulation. It is truly European in nature and style. It provides thorough and succinct indepth analysis of every single article and offers most valuable guidance for lawyers, judges and academics throughout Europe. It is an indispensable working tool for all practitioners involved in this field of law. […]

A true first:
– The first truly European commentary on the Brussels I Regulation, the fundamental Act for jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement throughout Europe
– The first commentary on the Brussels I Regulation written by a team from all over Europe
– The first article-by-article commentary on the Brussels I Regulation in English

This new series will comment on the Brussels I Regulation and the Brussels IIbis Regulation and as soon as they are enacted on the Rome I and the Rome II Regulation. For the first time this will be done by a team of leading experts from almost all EU member states. The close cooperation among them will initiate a new specific European style of commenting on European enactments merging the various and thus far nationwide differing methods of Interpretation of legislative acts. It goes without saying that the new commentaries will pay particular tribute to the practice of the European Court of Justice but to relevant judgments of national courts as well. Moreover, the needs of practitioners and the requirements of the practice will receive particular attention.

The series is intended to be continued by further volumes on existing and future European enactments in the field of private and procedural law.

And this is the authors’ list:

Introduction: Ulrich Magnus; Art. 1: Pippa Rogerson; Arts. 2-4: Paul Vlas; Art. 5: Peter Mankowski; Arts. 6-7: Horatia Muir Watt; Arts. 8-14: Helmut Heiss; Arts. 15-17: Peter Arnt Nielsen; Arts. 18-21: Carlos Esplugues Mota/Guillermo Palao Moreno; Art. 22: Luis de Lima Pinheiro; Art. 23: Ulrich Magnus; Art. 24: Alfonso Luis Calvo Caravaca/Javier Carrascosa González; Arts. 25-26: Ilaria Queirolo; Arts. 27-30: Richard Fentiman; Art. 31: Marta Pertegás Sender; Arts. 32-33: Patrick Wautelet; Art. 34: Stéphanie Francq; Arts. 35-36: Peter Mankowski; Art. 37: Patrick Wautelet; Arts. 38-45: Konstantinos Kerameus; Arts. 46-52: Lennart Pålsson; Arts. 53-58: Lajos Vékás; Arts. 59-60: Paul Vlas; Arts. 61-76: Peter Mankowski.

A TOC can be downloaded from the publisher’s website. It provides a useful list of the principal works on Brussels I Regulation and an additional bibliography. A short extract of the volume is also available for download.

Title: Brussels I Regulation – European Commentaries on Private International Law – Edited by Peter Mankowski, Ulrich Magnus. July 2007 (XXVIII, 852 pages).

ISBN: 978-3-935808-32-3. Price: EUR 250. Available from Sellier – European Law Publishers.