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Yet another article originally published in the 2003 issue of the Singapore Journal of Legal Studies (pp. 438-518) has been posted on SSRN: “Internet Defamation and Choice of Law in Dow Jones & Company Inc. v. Gutnick” by Gary Ky Chan (Singapore Management University – Department of Law) & Michael Hor (National University of Singapore – Faculty of Law). The abstract reads:

This article focuses on choice of law in the context of Internet defamation with reference to a recent Australian High Court decision, Dow Jones v. Gutnick. The case raised a myriad of issues ranging from comparative defamation laws (and value systems) of the United States versus Australia, the meaning of “publication” and the need for Internet-specific legal reforms. These issues interact with and have an impact upon the choice of law problem. This article discusses the various alternatives for resolving the choice of law problem. It concludes by tentatively recommending some choice of law rules in the context of Internet defamation.

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