Insurance in Rome I: A Consultation by the Treasury and DCA


From the HM Treasury website:

In December 2005, the European Commission proposed to transpose the 1980 Rome Convention into an EU regulation (Rome I). Following consultation with stakeholders which raised a number of serious issues with the initial text, the United Kingdom elected not to opt in to Rome I in May 2006. In doing so, the UK undertook to work for an acceptable text that might allow the UK to opt into at the end of the process, provided the outcome was judged acceptable. The Finnish and German EU Presidencies jointly presented a revised Rome I text on 12 December 2006, which would bring insurance generally within Rome I for the first time. As insurance is a new area for Rome I, HM Treasury and DCA are conducting this consultation.

Click here for the full “Insurance in Rome I” consultation paper (PDF, 953kb). Comments are expected by 30 March 2007.