E-Business Group Website and the Cost of Rome I


The E-Business Regulatory Alliance has set up a Rome I E-business Group website to examine the e-business legal issues associated with the current EU proposal on a regulation on the law applicable to contractual obligations (Rome I). [See our posts on Rome I here.] William Roebuck, Legal Policy Director at the E-RA, states:

The Federation of Small Businesses has undertaken research work concerning the costs of the proposal, covering legal fees, translation fees and implementation fees. The total cost of entry per member state is 15,052.59 euros (excluding VAT) for a business to comply with its commitments under Rome I. This amounts to 242,756.00 euros (excluding VAT) for entry to the single market. These figures, together with staff costs will put a significant brake on cross border e-commerce, to the detriment of businesses and consumers. 

We are urging MEPs, the European Council and Member States to rethink this proposal in line with the Commission’s better regulation and i2010 strategies.

Their excellent website can be found here. Many thanks to Will Roebuck for the info.