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The latest issue (Vol. 73, No. 3) of the German law journal Rabels Zeitschrift is a special issue dedicated to the communitarisation of private international law and contains the following articles (written in English):

  • Heinz-Peter Mansel: Kurt Lipstein (1909-2006)
  • Jürgen Basedow: The Communitarisation of Private International Law – Introduction
  • Jan von Hein: Of Older Siblings and Distant Cousins: The Contribution of the Rome II Regulation to the Communitarisation of Private International Law
  • Paul Beaumont: International Family Law in Europe – the Maintenance Project, the Hague Conference and the EC: A Triumph of Reverse Subsidiarity
  • Anatol Dutta: Succession and Wills in the Conflict of Laws on the Eve of Europeanisation
  • Eva-Maria Kieninger: The Law Applicable to Corporations in the EC
  • Stefania Bariatti: Recent Case-Law Concerning Jurisdiction and Recognition of Judgments under the European Insolvency Regulation
  • Cathrin Bauer/Matteo Fornasier: The Communitarisation of Private International Law

The journal is electronically available (for a fee) here.