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Recently, Principles, Definitions and Model Rules of European Private Law, prepared by the Study Group on a European Civil Code and the Research Group on EC Private Law (Acquis Group), has been published. The abstract reads as follows:

In this volume the Study Group and the Acquis Group present the first academic Draft of a Common Frame of Reference (DCFR). It is based in part on a revised version of the PECL and contains Principles, Definitions and Model Rules of European Private Law in an interim outline edition. It covers the Books on contracts and other juridical acts, obligations and corresponding rights, certain specific contracts and non-contractual obligations. One purpose of the text is to provide material for a possible “political” Common Frame of Reference (CFR) which was called for by the European Commission’s “Action Plan on A More Coherent European Contract Law” of January 2003.

More information, in particular the table of contents as well as an extract can be found at the publisher’s website.

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