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422550.gifDan Jerker B Svantesson (Bond University) has written a short article on “Conflict of Laws Issues Associated with an Action for Interference with Privacy” in the current issue of Computer Law and Security Report (C.L.S.R. 2007, 23(6), 523-528). The abstract reads:

Examines Australian conflict of laws issues associated with actions for interference with privacy. Considers developments indicating a movement towards the recognition of such actions in Australia. Discusses the potential impact of actions for interference on internet conduct and the application to such actions of Australian rules of jurisdiction and choice of law, including the three key concepts relating to: (1) where the cause of action is committed; (2) where the damage is suffered; and (3) what is the “place of wrong”. Notes the issue of forum non conveniens.

Available to CLSR subscribers (via Westlaw.)