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Cross-border conversions, mergers and divisions in the European Union: a paper on the 2018 Commission’s proposal

In April 2018  the European Commission presented a

Space of Flows and the Law – A seminar in Nice

On 25 October 2018, the University of Nice will host a seminar titled Space of Flows and the Law. The event, part of a series of doctoral workshops on Multidisciplinary and Comparative Approaches to Globalization Phenomena, aims to discuss the idea of “flow space” and its possible relevance to the understanding of complex phenomena relating […]

Waiting for Brexit: Conference in Milan (Italy) on 19 October 2018

The result of the 2016 Brexit referendum was not only a political shock, but also and foremost a symbolic turning point in the history of the EU. The United Kingdom’s foreseen withdrawal from the Union has given rise to many political, legal, economic and social debates. The University of Milan-Bicocca will host the conference “Waiting for […]