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Summer School on European and Comparative Environmental Law

The School of Law of the University of Bologna is organizing the III Edition of the Summer School on European and Comparative Environmental Law, to be held in Ravenna, July 9-13, 2018. (more…)

Moving from Paris to The Hague for the PAX MOOT Finals

Thanks to Horatia Muir Watt and Hélène van Lith (Sciences Po) for this post

The PAX Moot Eliminatory Round took place last Tuesday in Paris with 8 universities mooting the cross border climate change moot case which addressed a number of complex transnational legal questions in Private International Law and was generously hosted by the ICC (see also our previous post). (more…)

Private-Public Divide in International Dispute Resolution. A 2017 Hague Lecture, Out Now

The 2017 Hague Lecture of Prof. Burkhard Hess, just published in the Recueil des Cours, addresses dispute resolution in international cases from the classical perspective of the private-public divide. This distinction is known in almost all legal systems of the world, and it operates in both domestic and in international settings. The main focus of the Lecture relates to overlapping remedies available under private international and public international law; it maps out the growing landscape of modern dispute resolution, where a multitude of courts and arbitral tribunals operating at different levels (domestic, international and transnational) is accessible to litigants in cross-border settings. Today, a comprehensive study of these developments is still missing. This Lecture does not aim to provide the whole picture, but focusses instead on some basic structures, revealing three main areas where the distinction between private and public disputes remains applicable today: