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HCCH a|Bridged – Edition 2019: Post-Event Publication – 1965 Service Convention

The HCCH has today launched the publication from HCCH a|Bridged – Edition 2019. This was the inaugural edition of HCCH a|Bridged, held in December 2019, the focus of which was the ‘The HCCH Service Convention in the Era of Electronic and Information Technology’. The post-event publication builds on the discussions and compiles written contributions from […]

International Commercial Litigation Conference: JPRI Korea, HCCH, UNIDROIT, and UNCITRAL

This Thursday 12 and Friday 13 November, the 2020 International Conference of the Korean Judicial Policy Research Institute (JPRI) will take place. The conference is co-organised by the JPRI, the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH), the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT), and the United Nations Commission on International Trade […]

HCCH a|Bridged – Edition 2020: 50th Anniversary of the 1970 Evidence Convention

The HCCH and the German Presidency of the Council of the European Union have the pleasure of announcing that registration is now open for HCCH a|Bridged – Edition 2020, which will mark the golden anniversary of the HCCH Convention of 18 March 1970 on the Taking of Evidence Abroad in Civil or Commercial Matters (HCCH Evidence Convention). This year’s edition builds upon the success of HCCH a|Bridged – Edition 2019, which […]

HCCH Monthly Update: October 2020 

Membership On 21 October 2020, Nicaragua deposited its instrument of acceptance of the Statute, becoming the 86th Member of the HCCH. More information is available here. Conventions & Instruments On 1 October 2020, the HCCH 1965 Service Convention entered into force for the Philippines. It currently has 78 Contracting Parties. More information is available here. […]

HCCH Monthly Update: September 2020

Membership On 7 September 2020, Nicaragua and Thailand were issued with certificates confirming an affirmative vote in favour of their respective admissions as Members of the HCCH, following a six-month voting period which ended on 4 September 2020. Both Nicaragua and Thailand are now each invited to deposit an instrument of acceptance of the HCCH […]

HCCH Internship Applications Now Open

Applications are now open for three- to six-month legal internships at the HCCH Permanent Bureau in The Hague, for the period from January to June 2021. Interns work with our legal teams in the areas of family & child protection law, legal cooperation, dispute resolution, and commercial & financial law. It’s a great way to […]

HCCH Update: COVID-19 and the electronic Apostille Programme (e-APP)

The 1961 Apostille Convention has facilitated the circulation of public documents abroad for almost 60 years. The electronic Apostille Programme (e-APP) has supported the continued operation of the Convention since 2006, facilitating the electronic issuance and verification of millions of Apostilles worldwide.  The COVID-19 situation may have restricted cross-border mobility, but individuals, families, and companies still need to have their public documents authenticated for use abroad. Current circumstances have […]